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What is the LOLIPOP project? link

Why is the LOLIPOP project needed? link

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What is the LOLIPOP project?


The focus of the project

The focus of this 3 year project (2004-2007) is the creation of a multilingual, on-line,interactive version of the European Language Portfolio with an enhanced intercultural dimension. This innovative language-learning tool supports the development of learner autonomy, as well as the processes of self-assessment and reflection on language and intercultural learning in a Higher Education context.

Lifelong learning

LOLIPOP supports lifelong language learning by encouraging the learner to see the process of learning languages as a continuous activity. The e-portfolio facilitates the updating and showcasing of language competence at regular intervals throughout the learner's life, fostering the notion that learning continues beyond formal education.

Learner autonomy

LOLIPOP provides a framework for a more autonomous form of course delivery, whilst at the same time providing a bridge to classroom learning.

Pan-European HE

LOLIPOP aims to use its e-Portfolio at pan-European HE institutional level as a gateway to learning languages. Project members communicate transnationally by means of an open source virtual learning environment Moodle - directly accessible via Dublin City University, as well as through regular face-to-face meetings


Why is the LOLIPOP project needed?


European integration & mobility

European integration & mobility are key priorities of the EU. The European Language Portfolio (ELP) is a tool in the field of language and intercultural learning which translates these priorities into action.

Harmony and compatibility

The ELP, with its aim to become widely used throughout the EU, also supports the notions of harmony and compatibility as enshrined in the Bologna Process and due to be implemented in 2010.


The potential of eLearning to improve the quality of teaching and learning is recognised by educators; also the fact that this potential is not being fully realised. The LOLIPOP project, with its focus on creating an interactive, on-line version of the ELP, seeks to harness this potential.

Intercultural learning

The EU, recognising the need to create a stable and secure environment for its citizens by fostering a set of shared common values, encourages a direct engagement with intercultural issues. One of the aims of LOLIPOP is to enhance this dimension in the ELP, thus creating the opportunity to make intercultural learning an integral part of language learning.

Equal opportunities

LOLIPOP supports equal opportunities through its commitment to create web materials in accordance with internationally recognised Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), enabling people with disabilities to engage with innovative methodologies in language learning.


What is innovative about the project?



Harnessing the potential of ICTs for the enhancement of the ELP has not been widely explored. The work of LOLIPOP is, therefore, pioneering in its approach.

Intercultural Can-do statements

As the first eELP to produce an enhanced intercultural dimension, LOLIPOP has developed Can-Do statements for each of the CEFR reference levels, enabling students to self-assess their comptence, while also raising awareness of how their intercultural competence can be improved.


Furthermore, LOLIPOP is not simply a container for storing evidence of the learner’s progress and his/her own

reflections on the process. A number of interactive features are being implemented to enhance its virtues as a learning tool. These are intended to motivate students and help them plan and monitor their learning experiences. Some of these features are: easy and flexible retrieval of information; progress reports with graphs showing the student’s achievements; reminders of approaching deadlines; and tips and suggested resources. Teachers at institutions using LOLIPOP have the facility to add, on a continous basis, new resources and tips to develop specific language and intercultural skills. Students can take part in the rating of the new additions to the program’s database; LOLIPOP thus fosters the development of a shared learning community.

VLE Moodle

As LOLIPOP is embedded in the VLE Moodle, "Share" activities such as on line chat, forums and blogs are used as a communicative resourse to support the on line community of learners working with LOLIPOP.




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