Download the ELP

You may download the ELP to run on your own server. This code is Open Source and released under the GPL license.

The file is available as a downloadable gzipped tar format: elp_0.9.tar.gz (warning - this is a huge file: third of a gigabyte) and is typically decompressed on a unix system using tar -xzvf elp_0.9.tar.gz Once decompressed, the documentation files give further instructions.

It should be noted that this is an interim release. We are still in the process of fixing examples and resources and adding audio help files. Also the Latvian translation is not complete. As soon as these are fixed we will release the next version. The ELP is virtually complete for the languages English, German, French and Spanish and only lacking audio files in Norwegian and Polish and so is ready for practical use. Go forth and use it.

Note that the downloadable file is very large because it includes many audio and image files.