1) Oct 04-Jun 05:

Team building; needs analysis & familiarisation with DCU prototype of online ELP; developing linguistic Can-Dos.

Milestone: First prototype implemented in Moodle in four languages
(English, French, German and Spanish).


2) Jul. 05-Feb.07
Developing the intercultural dimension; making on-line ELP fully interactive; second prototype; Pilot phase 1. Further modifications based on feedback from pilot 1; developing prototype 2.1. Commencing translation of the prototype into: French, German, Spanish, Latvian, Norwegian and Polish.

Milestone: Prototype 2.1 ready to use anywhere, anytime.

3) March 07-Sept 07
Pilot phase 2; further modifications of prototype 2.1, completion of translation & dissemination of final version - prototype 2.2.

Milestone: Final product ready for full-scale dissemination.

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