Enroll on the ELP

  1. In the previous step, you created an account and you got logged into Moodle and it looks like this:

    Logged into moodle

  2. This shows that there are a number of course that you may choose from. You want to select the Lolipop course. When you select it, you will be asked to enroll and will see the following page:

    Enroll onto the Lolipop Course
  3. Enter the Enrollment key - if you are on a course, your teacher should give you this. If you are not part of an official course, then you may request an enrollment key from lolipop@dcu.ie. When you have entered the key, you will see the Lolipop Course Page:

    Lolipop Course Page
  4. The Lolipop Course page contains quite a bit of information about Lolipop. If you want to access the ELP, then select the circled Lolipop ELP link above and you will see the ELP Welcome Page:

    ELP Welcome Page
  5. You can now listen to or view the help files, or you can go directly to the main page of the ELP, the Biography

    ELP Biography Page

Congratulations, you have now accessed the ELP. There are lots of help files on the ELP and you should use those to work out how to proceed.