Savoir auto-évaluer: exploring learners’ experience of LOLIPOP self-assessment.


Self-assessment is fundamental to the development of learner autonomy, yet for many language learners it is a skill that they are neither familiar nor comfortable with. Consequently, successful implementation in the language classroom of pedagogical tools such as the LOLIPOP ELP, and the European Language Portfolio in general, may depend on overcoming the difficulties that learners experience in this task. The aim of this paper is to explore the issues that may impact on learners’ ability to engage in meaningful language and intercultural self-assessment such as, for example, cultural background, previous educational experience and self-beliefs. Theoretical considerations are viewed in the light of research data based on a case study conducted with a group of international students at Dublin City University. This is then followed by suggestions for learner training activities in preparation for engagement in LOLIPOP language and intercultural self-assessment.

Aleksandra Sudhershan PhD student SALIS, DCU, Dublin 9