Learning to LOLIPOP: integrating the LOLIPOP ELP into undergraduate language modules in DCU - a case-study approach.


The focus of this paper is on the integration of the LOLIPOP ELP into a number of modules in Dublin City University, including a study and research skills module for first year students on the BA in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies and an ESOL module focusing on globalisation. We explain how the LOLIPOP ELP was integrated into these modules, focusing on elements of course design and assessment. The paper analyses the output from the participants in this study which indicates that they appreciated the opportunity to engage with the LOLIPOP ELP and found it beneficial to their language learning although issues remain around its design and integration into an academic programme. The paper concludes with the results of a survey of teachers’ perceived barriers to the integration of LOLIPOP into language modules, including those members of staff who were not involved in the development of the portfolio.

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