Integrating LOLIPOP-ELP in a language course A pilot project


In his keynote speech at the Dublin CercleS conference (2007), David Little, a leading figure in the domain of Learner Autonomy and ELPs, stated that research has shown that the use of ELPs has a positive effect on learning outcome but its future depends on its integration in the curriculum.

The present pilot project plans to integrate LOLIPOP-ELP in Bachelor of Arts French language courses at Saint Patrick’s College by using the “can do” statements to generate specific tasks and related language activities or pre-tasks. These tasks and pre-tasks are holistic in their approach as they aim to encompass as many language skills as possible. The examples provided with the receptive skills “can-dos” are used both for self-assessment and as a teaser to introduce the students to the topic / theme of the task and to the related “new” vocabulary and grammatical structures. The productive skills “can-dos”, on the other hand, require the students to provide examples of what they can do in relation to the topic / theme already covered.

The overall objectives of the project are to explore the feasibility of creating tasks that go in line with the aims and objectives of the French department, to find out what implementation issues are raised by its use and how the students react to it.

Participants in the project are first, second and third year B.A. students – a total of 19 students. While the portfolio is a “small” module they do when their follow Bachelor of Education students are doing their teaching practice, they all volunteered to participate in this research project .